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first they tossing shovels now they tossing scooters

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that guy in the back is me

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The tallest statue in the world, Ushiku Daibutsu.

this always gives me chills


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if only every person who got into drifting and got the hang of drifting, would just envision activities such as this, they would know what its like to terrify yourself for that split second, or for several seconds if it goes array. it would also progress the sport some i think.

my thought process towards drifting isnt even about tandeming, or getting close to others..this is why i lead. i like to make my own lines and do what i feel is cool to me. get close to walls. hear that whoosh whoosh noise as you fly past the fence and wonder why you havent hit the wall yet. or doing an upshift wiggle straight line against the wall and into big bank.

or aiming for the dirt and using the outside edges of the road to maximize violent car motions.

im not a consisent driver. i dont like taking new people to the sport with me cause i either suck or do something scary. i LOVE taking my friends in my car though, its odd to me. i like to try new things and ways of doing things in my car..which is generally a broken mess. some upgrade their cars to get the most from their experience. my car has been mostly the same for the better part of 5 years. i have tried many things and failed many times. i think its important to try new things and scare yourself every now and then.

im a bit of a stubborn person as it is, and i hate following someone elses line, it mentally fucks with me. either go too slow, or start in the center or whatever. im also a control freak, i like to do my own thing, it entertains me more….but i also think my lack of power (should just run smaller tires and get less grip lol) is what keeps me from being confident in tandeming and just adjusting to what others are doing. with power and angle mods you can adjust to whatever is in front of you i feel.

in any case. this is my mentality to the sport. singularity. as i havent found drivers that i can follow other than myles and dylan…now their cars are too fast. my car is both fast and slow at the same time.

this is not to say that i dont appreciate the skill and butt clenching involved in close tandems, but its not something i can do well, ostly because if i fall out of my powerband im done for, i cant catch back up and i tend to not want to correct my line because following always makes the following line narrower.

once again, this is why i like to lead. i LOVE leading, especially when i got my friends behind me, cause thats the only way i can look ‘good’ in a tandem train. they only time i refuse to lead, is when serge is behind me…scares the ever living crap out of me…

but i must say, out of all my runs with others, i have enjoyed my runs with the limters unlimited the best, especially ian following behind me oddly enough.i think this has to do with our wheel speed making us slow? iunno.

those are some ramblings

I’m still 99% sure your car is setup fucked. And you never are willing to change it.

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